Seine Alliance
Alliance of knowledge dedicated to river and lake activities
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a company dedicated to the development of river activities sea activity

Seine Alliance develops river tourism projects.

Its founder, Didier SPADE, started to operate on the Seine in 1990. He has notably created the Compagnie des Bateaux à Roue and in that respect conceived and built 6 passenger ships which are the most luxurious and efficient vessels on the Seine.

le Tom Sawyer

le Louisiane Belle

le Tennessee

le Mississippi

le River Palace

le Clipper Paris

Today Seine Alliance manages new projects in order to somewhat improve the image of the Seine and the quality and the originality of the services delivered on the river. The company is also involved on the ambitious project of reconstruction of a major new liner for France.

An association of knowledge

Seine Alliance manages its projects thanks to professional expertise obtained through numerous projects (Paris Yacht Marina ...) in which it was involved for more than 15 years, in partnership with naval architects, shipyards and various interior craftmen.

Infos :

Seine Alliance is an incorporated company with a capital of 2.000.000 € based Port de Grenelle Paris 15th.

Paris Yacht Marina
Port de Grenelle
75015 Paris

Ce service est conçu et géré par Seine Alliance, sas au capital de 2.000.000 € RC Paris 477 550 917